Module Odb_client

module Odb_client: sig .. end
Client side (i.e. secondary server).

A secondary server is also a client for the main server.

val register_to_server : string -> int -> string -> int -> Unix.file_descr * string list
register_to_server tool_name local_port remote_host remote_port register the givne tool of the current program to the main server specified by remote_host and remote_port. By now, remote_host should be "localhost" as secondary servers and main server can not be on different hosts. The local_port is the port of the current program, which the main server should connect back to when needing to call the tool tool_name. The function returns a connection to the server and the list of tools that the server knows, so that the current program can register these tools as remote tools (after filtering its own tools).

Low level functions

val open_connection : Unix.inet_addr -> int -> Unix.file_descr
val inet_addr_of_name : string -> Unix.inet_addr
Conversion d'une chaîne de caratères en adresse Internet
val connect : string -> int -> Unix.file_descr