Module Odb_server

module Odb_server: sig .. end
Server side.

val server_tool : string
The name of the server tool (i.e. "server"). If the name of the server tool change, using this value will make the change transparent.
val server_doc : Odb_doc.tool_doc
The server documentation.

Handling command line options

These values can be useful when creating a command-line server. The Odb_server.start_server function will use Odb_server.port to known which port to listen to.

val port : int Pervasives.ref
val options : (string * Arg.spec * string) list
Command line options which can be append to other command line options. By now, only one option, -p, allows to set Odb_server.port.
val usage : string
Basic usage message prefix.

Starting the server

val start_server : ?with_server_tool:bool -> unit -> unit
start_server () will make the current program a server, by listening on port number Odb_server.port.
with_server_tool : must be set to false when launching a secondary server, since the "server" tool is already registered in the main server. Default value is true.